About the Pre-School

Welcome to Mepal and Witcham Pre-school, a voluntary and charitable organisation.

Aims of our Pre-School

  • To enhance the development and education of children in a parent-involved community based group.
  • To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment.
  • To help your child to prepare for their entry to school
  • To work within a framework which ensures Equality of Opportunity for all children and families.

We will offer your child:

  • A specially tailored curriculum leading to the early learning goals
  • Individual care and attention by ensuring a high ratio of adults to children.
  • An environment where learning is fun and children feel able to forge new relationships and explore the boundaries of their knowledge.
  • The support of a personal “key worker” who will monitor and report on your child’s progress
  • Opportunities for their family to be directly involved in the activities of the pre-school

Situated in the Mepal and Witcham Primary School, we are a community pre-school, which is affiliated to the Pre-school Learning Alliance and the Early Years Childcare and Development Partnership (EYCDP).  We comply with Ofsted standards and in 2014 underwent an Ofsted inspection when our standards of provision were rated as Good.  You may read the report at www.ofsted.gov.uk by clicking here.

We have children from Mepal and Witcham and the surrounding villages i.e. Sutton and Chatteris. We accept funded 2s and fee-paying children from the age of 2 years and 6 months. Many of the children go on to Mepal and Witcham C of E Primary School and we maintain a strong link with the school, especially for the rising 5’s in their final term with us.

We are open weekday mornings during term times.

A development in the OFSTED requirements means that we have adopted an individual curriculum for each child. Observations are then carried out to monitor each child’s progress in relation to the curriculum. This process forms part of the Foundation stage of a child’s development. The Manager, or your child’s allocated Key Worker are the main points of contact at pre-school in relation to your child’s development and time with us.

Everyone is welcome at our Pre-school and we hope that you and your child will enjoy your time with us.