The Committee

Mepal and Witcham Pre-School is a non- profit making group and is managed by a voluntary committee made up largely of parents. The committee is re-elected each year in September/ October at the Annual General Meeting, where all parents are encouraged to be part of running the group. Additional new members can be elected at any point during the year. The committee is responsible for the day to day running of the group as well as organising various fundraising events, which provides the funds to buy new equipment and other essential items for the group. As your child will benefit from these fund-raising events we hope you will be able to help the committee, this in turn will help your child at pre-school. Without your support, the pre-school could not continue.

The pre-school needs a committee and would be forced to close without the much needed support of parent volunteers. If we all did a little bit it would make a huge difference. Please speak to the Manager/Chairperson or any committee member to express your interest in helping the pre-school.