Urgent Update

It is with great sadness that Mepal and Witcham Preschool inform you that, at an Extraordinary General Meeting, held today, the members voted unanimously to close the preschool on 31st July 2020 and wind up the charity thereafter.

The Trustees assure the community that they and the dedicated staff will continue to provide the same caring, stimulating and enjoyable environment for the preschool aged children of Mepal and Witcham for the remainder of this academic year.

The Trustees, staff, members and supporters have struggled hard to avoid this, and are enormously grateful to the many individuals, businesses and organisations who have supported us, not only financially but in other ways and we offer our sincere thanks to them all. Although in March this year we believed that, with the wonderful support we had received the Preschool was safe, regrettably circumstances have changed significantly since then. It was not possible to conclude the negotiations for the new lease, and as a consequence our financial stability was impaired, and the Preschool now has no option other than to close.

The Trustees have made the Local Authority and DEMAT aware of the decision.

The Trustees have planned the long closure period in the hope that it will allow sufficient time for a new preschool facility to be provided in the villages of Mepal and Witcham so that the needs of our communities and our preschool aged children will be catered for. At present it seems that DEMAT may offer that from September 2020, and the trustees have been asked to inform parents who would like to have more information to direct enquiries about a potential DEMAT managed provision, to Mrs Lomax, Headteacher at Mepal and Witcham Primary School. The Trustees would like to reassure the community that they have offered to cooperate in any way possible with DEMAT if required.

The Trustees are sure you will understand that this decision was taken with extreme reluctance and after considerable debate, and are saddened to have to inform you of it.

If you have any questions about the Preschool’s closure then please direct these to mepalwitchampreschoolchair@gmail.com

Evelyn Woodward,

Chairman of Trustees

1st November 2019

Welcome to Mepal and Witcham Pre-school, a voluntary and charitable organisation.

Situated in the Mepal and Witcham Primary School, we are a community pre-school, which is affiliated to the Early Years Alliance.  We comply with Ofsted standards and were last inspected by Ofsted in April 2018 when we were graded “Good”. To read the report click here.

The sessions run every week-day morning during term time. We have children from Mepal and Witcham and also the surrounding villages i.e. Sutton and Chatteris. Many of the children go on to Mepal and Witcham C of E Primary School and we maintain a strong link with the school, especially for the rising 5’s in their final term with us.

We provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children are encouraged to learn through play. Achieving this involves everyone, the children, the staff and their supporting Committee team, and of course you, the parents.

Rangoli 2

When children first arrive, we do observations and set next steps within a few weeks. We work closely with parents before they come to pre-school, offering home visits, with starting points like ‘ All About Me’.  We are on the register of providers for vulnerable 2’s.Please take a look around our website where you will find information about the pre-school, including all our policies and registration forms. In case of any queries that have not been answered on these pages please contact the pre-school.

5 th November 2013 131

The Pre-School’s current intake is predominately white British. As of June 2019 we have 21 children, 8 boys and 13 girls. We currently have no children with EAL.  12 children will start school in September 2019.  We have identified 3 child as needing additional support.

Every term we do a cohort summary to identify any gaps, and when gaps are identified we set objectives to help these children.